A central tenet of the Christian faith is the inherent value and worth of all children, youth, and adults. Children and youth are least able to protect themselves in our society and are particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect. First United Methodist Church of Lakeland is desirous of doing what it can to protect the youth and children who participate in this congregation. Since 1996, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church has mandated that each local congregation have a child/youth protection policy (“CYPP”).

Coverage under the Conference Insurance Program requires that churches have a CYPP in place. All employees and any individual that may come in contact with a child or youth are required to review and acknowledge their church’s CYPP on an annual basis.  You may now review the policy and renew your certification online.  

You must download the CYPP policy below and turn in the appropriate forms.  To take the class online,  please click the arrow to the right of the image below in order to advance through the training slides. (If you need to move backwards, click the arrow to the left of the slides.)  After you complete the training, please take the multiple choice test below the images and click the “submit” button to send in the form. You must have a score of 80% or better in order to be certified for the year.

Child/Youth Protection Policy