Boy Scouts of America x United Methodist Churches

In February of 2020, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy amid mounting claims of Scouting related sex abuse going back decades, with many allegations involving chartering or sponsoring organizations of Scout troops, including several local United Methodist churches.

As a result of that action, On August 16, 2021, an email was sent from Bishop Carter, the Conference Chancellor, and the Conference Treasurer recommending to churches who host Boy Scout Troops not to renew their chartering agreements while we awaited the final resolution of the Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan and for the Boy Scouts and the United Methodist Church to come to agreement on a new document to replace the current charter agreement.

A federal bankruptcy court in Delaware signaled on July 29th that the long-running Chapter 11 bankruptcy of the Boy Scouts of America may nearly be finished. According to the UMC Office of Public Information, the ruling approves the United Methodist portion of the settlement, but there are several more matters the BSA must address for the plan to be confirmed.

"The United Methodist settlement sought to put the survivors first and the continuation of safe Scouting for present Scouts as high priorities," said Bishop John School, who chairs the United Methodist leadership team created to support United Methodist chartering associations in the matter.

The United Methodist settlement includes a $30 million contribution to the $2.6 billion survivor settlement; a commitment to hear the experiences of survivors who participated in United Methodist sponsored troops; a review of all Safe Sanctuaries policies in United Methodist congregations and annual conferences; and the publication of three articles in denominational communication resources about sexual abuse and how to keep young people safe.

On the local level, I believe the Scouts have been an important part of the history of Cason, and I will be working with Ed Jansen, our Scout Liaison, and the leaders of Troop 301 on a revised affiliation agreement, which includes detailed insurance and indemnity provisions that the BSA will be required to comply with. It is my hope that we can come to an agreement that solidifies the Scouts as a ministry of Cason for many years to come.

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