Ordinary Time

Welcome to Ordinary time!  That’s what the liturgical calendar calls the space between epiphany and Ash Wednesday.  Seems pretty anticlimactic after the paramount seasons of Advent and Christmas.  Contrary to what people may believe, Ordinary Time is far from vanilla or insignificant.

Ordinary Time isn’t meant to be ordinary at all. Rightly understood, it is a time not only to rest from what has passed but also to prepare for what is to come. Often times we think of these times as merely filler times between the times of preparation and of celebration. We sometimes take a little mental break from our spiritual lives because there really isn’t a major holy time that we are immediately preparing for or celebrating. But Ordinary Time cannot just be filler time, we have to use this time to continue to grow in our faith and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church. But this will look different than our times during Easter and Christmas time and different than Advent and Lent. So how can we approach Ordinary Time so that it becomes spiritual fruitful and helps us grow rather than remain stagnant in our faith?

Ordinary Time is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus, grow spiritually, and participate in the life of the Church. A friend of mine shared with me the following list of things that he found in a blog somewhere.  I wanted to share them with you to contemplate during Ordinary Time.
  • Start each day by thanking God for five ordinary things that you are grateful for.
  • Read the daily Gospel and meditate on Jesus’ everyday life.
  • Spend more time praying in nature, such as praying while you go for a walk.
  • Take a look at your daily routines and determine if there are old habits you need to break or new habits you want to start.

The presence of Christ is with us during this time just the same as it is during our holy times of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, which means we should not treat this as Ordinary, but extraordinary opportunity to continue to grow closer to Him.

Pastor David

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Linda Sterner - February 18th, 2023 at 8:43am

Often "Ordinary time" is my most fruitful time of spiritual growth because it is less stress-filled with an over abundance of commitments, events, and basically running around like the proverbial chicken without a head. As much as I enjoy Christmas, and Easter etc. there is much to be desired and appreciated during "Ordinary time". Thanks Pastor David for reminding us not to squander the ordinary days. God bless you and yours