We celebrate Pastor David M. Schmidt

Cason is very blessed to have Pastor David as he willingly stepped into the shoes of our Pastor Alexis when she was transferred to Sebastian Methodist Church last year. It is now a year later, and he is about to finish his seminary studies and will graduate in May. Next will be his ordination.

Pastor David came to Cason to participate in the Bethlehem Production and became a Casonnite in 2007. He branched out to become the Youth Minister and Worship Leader. The rest is history.
After much deliberation and mentoring (by Pastor Alexis) he had the “calling” and began seminary training in 2019. In March of 2020, he married Tricia Foreman, who is a pillar of strength for him as he moves forward. She has become the perfect pastor’s wife and helpmate. The bright point was when he was appointed “interim” pastor, and then ultimately Senior Pastor.

Cason has gained a lot since then. We have added new ministries which has helped us grow. Since April of 2022, we have added twenty-six new members. The Seekers have joined us for Sunday Dinner and Devotionals. This group is not traditional but is a crossroad for many seeking a new path.

A new Children’s Ministry was introduced last fall with over seventeen youth now participating. They have their own chorus and actively perform service projects helping others, from collecting food to donating earned money from Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an origination started by an eight-year-old little girl with cancer. She passed away but the Lemonade Stand lives on with donations from the sale of lemonade going to cancer research as well as other organizations and non-profits who aid those in need.
We continue to have Caring Kitchen preparing and serving meals to the underserved, as well as Cason’s Bag Lunch Program which has been actively feeding over eighty food-insecure individuals every Saturday for over twenty years.

Cason continues to grow, as we celebrate not only Pastor David, but our 120th Anniversary on March 19th, 2023. Pastor David is already establishing his legacy with a lot more to come.
We praise God for Pastor David.

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