A word on Stewardship


As you know, we decided to approach our Stewardship Campaign a little different this year. “Stewardship” is such a “church-y” word, but if we look at the definition, it is just responsibly overseeing and protecting something worth caring for and preserving. We have certainly done that because next year, Cason is going into its 120th year of serving the community of Delray. We continue, as those who came before us, to care for and preserve the programs, ministries and facilities of Cason with our time, talents and treasures. We all have our individual gifts and resources and together we can do great things.  I feel we all give in response to a loving God who has blessed us in so many ways, both personally and as a church.  It has not been without challenges, especially over the last couple of years, but Cason is continuing to collaborate with others in the community to serve the hungry, mentor children, support those in need and spread the love of Jesus any way we can.

At our Finance Committee meeting last night, we discussed roll out of our Commitment Cards for 2023. I shared how touched I was by Pastor David’s sermon on giving last Sunday; it was a completely different perspective on stewardship and giving than I had heard before. I was prompted to go back and listen again and I would encourage you to do the same. Spend some time talking to God about how you can be a blessing to others through the Cason faith community. Here is the link to the message.  You can also find it in the Good News, as well as on the Cason website and app.

Thank you for everything each of you do. No act is too small. It takes each one of us. As Pastor David reminds us “We’re all in this together.”

Patti Alexander
Finance Chairperson

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