Greetings from SPPRC!


This week I have given the space I usually use for my blog to Loreley Hinderling, chair of our Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee. I encourage you to read her article as it will bring you up to date on information related to our staff here at Cason.

Pastor David

Greetings from SPPRC!

Over the past year, your Staff/Pastor Parish Committee has been busy reviewing and refreshing the job descriptions for all of our staff positions. Our goal was to make sure that we had the most up to date and functional understanding of the duties for which each of our staff are responsible. We also wanted to make sure that the job descriptions reflect the current needs of the church, as well as forecasting the needs for the future and that any changes that needed to be made were identified and made.

As a result of this process, we realized that to meet our current needs, we needed to modify things a bit. Our first change was adding the position of Assistant to the Pastor. This position not only supports our Senior Pastor, but is also responsible for many daily office functions as well as our social media presence, our website, and our communications. It has not been hard to see the change in the way we communicate internally here at Cason, but also the way we communicate with the community at large, and we are blessed to have Marcella Fileto in this role. If you have not met Marcella yet, we encourage you to stop by her office and say hi. The other position that we added was actually a combination of several job descriptions that have been the responsibility of Andrea over the years. A decision was made to consolidate all of these varying responsibilities into one position, Facility Liaison. This new position for Andrea makes her responsible for the daily functioning and security of the church, including all Cason's events and ministries as well as external rentals. Andrea has great institutional knowledge of the church facility, and had a real gift for facility management. Again, we are blessed to have Andrea in this position, and we believe she is well suited for the job.

You may notice something missing. Andrea used to have the duties of “Child Care Coordinator,” and was responsible for the care of children ages 0-3 during worship services and other church functions. While we are seeing a resurgence of activity in our Children’s Ministries ages 5-11, we are not seeing a corresponding change in attendance of the 0-3 age group in our Sunday Services. In the same way that we changed our Youth Minister position to volunteer because of a lack of youth, the decision was made that we could no longer expend resources to have an individual paid in the Child Care Coordinator position. To help facilitate this change, Trustees decided to move the nursery to the Narthex so that it could be used by parents or staffed by volunteers, and the money left in the Child Care Coordinator line was moved to the Facility Liaison line. Andrea has always had a strong presence as a volunteer in Children’s Ministry, running the Easter Egg Hunt, helping with Sunday School, and working at many of the Children’s Ministries events. We expect that will not change, as she is heading up a family event at Pumpkin Patch on October 22, leading our Trunk or Treat event on October 30th, and hosting a Gingerbread House night on December, just as she did last year.

SPPRC also reviewed the Staff Policy and Procedure Manual, which was last amended in 2014. Along with Pastor David, the committee made significant changes to make sure that the manual met current local, state and federal guidelines, as well as best practices of the United Methodist Church. The changes to policy were reviewed by our District Superintendent, as well as the legal team of the Florida United Methodist Annual Conference, and were found to be in good order. The committee unanimously voted to approve the manual, and the staff met and reviewed it as well. Each staff member signed off on the manual, acknowledging that they understood its provisions and that they would abide by them. These approvals were forwarded to the conference.

With the changes and tweaks to the job descriptions of the staff and the review and modification of the Staff Policy and Procedure Manual, SPPRC believes that our administrative unit is the strongest it has been in many years. We are thankful for the wonderful people who have chosen to serve through their employment here at Cason. Please make sure to thank them when you see them!

Loreley Hindeling
Chair, SPPRC


Mable McDonough - September 14th, 2022 at 7:09am

Thank you so much for your service as Chair Person to Great job as Chairperson of SPRC Loreley, in handling everything that needed to be done. Thank you so much for your many hours that was needed to do the job.

Well done Faithful Servant!


Carol Cullen - September 15th, 2022 at 7:42pm

Thank you, Loreley, for consolidating and presenting the results the committee has labored over for some time, For all of staff responsible for the polished and pertinent communications directed to those of us "out here" , I

thank you. Cason has moved in such a forward-thinking direction, every staff member and every dedicated volunteer needs to take a bow as they magnify the depth of their faith by what they are achieving.